Wednesday, 22 May 2019

Brexit and tourism - Glass half full?

Big Ben, House of Parliament and Westminster Bridge, London, England

We have just had the best first quarter ever!

Our bookings and profit are more than double the same period in 2018.

What does that mean? Is Cashel Travel the exception, it certainly doesn't appear to be. Talking to colleagues in the industry everyone is very busy and the much discussed drop in numbers does not seem to have materialised.

Certainly, some markets are under pressure but it is nothing like the feared collapse a lot of operators feared.

Why is this? - no one seems to be sure.

Could it be no publicity is bad publicity?

Certainly there has been no lack of journalists and TV crews in the UK recently and presumably, once the main topic is exhausted they must be looking for some light relief. I was doing a sales presentation in Mexico a couple of months ago to about forty agents and showed a spoof video of our Prime Minister to explain the state of play in Britain. I have to say it fell completely flat. Most of them hadn't even heard of the EU never mind any problems Britain may have with it.

Maybe we need to bear in mind that 90% of the world couldn't care less about our passing problems with Europe. I know we think Brexit is fascinating and horrifying but for people outside of Europe, it is really not that relevant in making holiday decisions.

I suspect the drop in the value of the pound is of more interest.

What about the mass exodus of European staff heading home with their kids and belongings. Well, I certainly have seen no sign of it. Out of our twenty EU staff members, not a single one has mentioned returning home and in fact we just welcomed back an Italian colleague after nine months.

So here's to a royal baby and a record-breaking 2019!!

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